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Our graduates demonstrate knowledge, skill and commitment to very high ethical standards.

The Khan Method Coaching Program

is an elite certification program that provides live online training.

Cori-Molly-Hina-Khan-Coaching-With Hina-Khan

Cori Molly

(306) 229-5365

Courtney Stevens -- KHAN Method Coaching - Hina Khan

Courtney Stevens

Agri-Business Coach

I provide agri-business owners with mindset and business coaching to help them create the business they dream of.

Greg-De-Koker-Hina Khan- Amplify you

Greg De Koker

High Performance Coach

Imagine That!

I coach my clients from WOW to NOW – to identify their WOW and then to take inspired action NOW – by creating a safe place of trust, openness, belief and support.

(416) 219-5799

Hollis-English-Hina-Khan-Khan Method Coaching

Hollis English

Leadership Coach & Entrepreneur

Connecting you to the incredible leader you already are, so that you can show up more joyfully and inspired at work, at home and everywhere in between.

(705) 220-2270

Holly-Hagan-Hina-Khan-Khan Method Coaching

Holly Hagan

Business and Mindset Coach for Medical Writers

Top Medical Writer™

I help medical writers move through business challenges and mindset barriers so they can thrive as top medical writers.

(647) 746-3767

Jacqueline Francis - Khan Method Coaching - Hina Khan

Jacqueline Francis

Self-Image Coach

Inner Expansion Inc.

Guiding you to find the light within yourself by transforming your self-image, mindset and results, to live a more expansive life.

Jane Wareham - Khan Method Coaching Hina Khan

Jane Wareham

Wellness & Mindset Coach

Momentum By Jane

I empower the busy corporate woman to stop feeling like being healthy is hard and start her EASY and FUN journey to becoming the healthy, happy & energized woman she wants to be!

Katherine-Marr-Hina-Khan-Khan Method Coaching

Katherine Marr

Business, Leadership & Mindset Coaching

Katherine Connected

Guiding entrepreneurs and corporate professionals in creating your life business plan, stepping into your leadership power, and intentionally designing your day with what feels good. What lights you up. So you can love what you do, how you do it, and start attracting it, instead of chasing it.

(416) 277-2748

Kirsten Rohloff - Khan Method Coaching - Hina Khan

Kirsten Rohloff

Freedom & Mindset Coach

I guide people of all ages to create freedom and power in their life through discovering who they really are, what they really want and building a ton of confidence along the way.

Lisa-Running-Hina-Khan-Hina Khan Coaching

Lisa Running

SVP Client Services

CI Financial

I coach leaders to effectively design their business to achieve extraordinary results through harnessing the collective magic of their team.

(416) 738-2284

Liz Bovey - KHAN Method Coaching - Hina Khan

Liz Bovey



Marie Armitage

Capability Coach

I am an experienced mindset coach who provides individualized support to marginalized women in business from all over the world so they can have freedom from internalized limitations and live a life they are proud of while dreaming bigger and achieving more with ease, joy, and fun.

(469) 581-2008

Mary Marano - KHAN Method Coaching - Hina Khan (1)

Mary Marano

Life & Relationship Coach

Life and Family Counselling & Changed By Mary

I provide relationship intensives to expedite the growth and learning experience.

(416) 473-2875

Meaghan-Hstings-Hina Khan-Amplify you

Meaghan Hastings


The Mortgage Coach

I work with sales professionals and leaders to absolve their limits, achieve their goals and have their best year yet.

(416) 371-7922

Nicole de Larzac - KHAN Method Coaching - Hina Khan

Nicole de Larzac

Product Business Coach

Nicole de Larzac Consulting Inc

I am a Product Business Coach and I help founders launch and scale their product businesses so that they can go from stuck to soaring.

(647) 533-9177

Nichole-Manzer-Hina-Khan-Hina Khan Coaching

Nicole Manzer

Salon Coach/ Master Stylist/ Salon Owner

Manzer Method Coaching

I challenge preconceived notions in the beauty industry by coaching and mentoring you and your stylists on how to unlock your full potential. I will show you how to create and attract the stylists and clients that you desire.

(416) 722-1814

Renee Laforet - Khan Method Coaching Hina Khan

Renee Laforet

Mindset, Leadership & Team Results

Empowering people, leaders and teams to connect and actualize their goals by shifting mindsets, behaviours and culture.

Shannon Laliberte - KHAN Method Coaching - Hina Khan

Shannon Laliberte

Dating Coach

Shannon The Dating Coach

I help women get into the relationship of their dreams by helping them expand what they believe is possible.

Susan-Ferencak-Hina Khan-Hina Khan Coaching

Susan C. Ferencak

Founder and CEO

Susan Ferencak Coaching

I work with people who are looking for a change or are at a crossroads, people who’ve done what they were supposed to do their whole lives and now realize they want to choose their own path, they want their next chapter to be one they write rather than simply following the prepared script presented to them years ago.

(513) 505-5321

Sylvia Boddner - KHAN Method Coaching - Hina Khan

Sylvia Boddener

OT. Reg. (Ont.)., GDA, MBA, Certified Coach, Workplace Mental Well-being Consultant and Leadership Coach Founder,

Sylvia Boddener Coaching / Consulting

I help organizations and their leaders to create mentally healthy and thriving workplaces. I do this using a consultative process grounded in workplace mental health best practices to uncover gaps and strengths, then I facilitate individual and organizational interventions including one to one leadership coaching and group training workshops depending on each organization's specific needs.


Tara McEwen - KHAN Method Coaching - Hina Khan

Tara L McEwen

Media, Mindset Coach

McEwen Media Consulting

I empower others to tell their own story in their own words, allowing them to write the next chapter in life.