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Happy Clients

"You are more than ready. I believe in you "

- Hina Khan


Play Video about Lesline-Pittman-Hina Khan-Amplify You

"Over the past 18 weeks, I have received so many opportunities. The confidence Hina instilled in me led me to those opportunities."

Play Video about Nichole-Manzer-Hina-Khan-Hina Khan Coaching

"It's been an incredible experience. It really helped me find my passion again. I can see how these teachings can benefit others."

Play Video about Denise-Muroni-Hina Khan-Hina Khan Coaching

"I loved doing the sales practice. It helped me figure out what I wanted to do. I felt a shift. It gave me a purpose."

Play Video about Holly-Hagan-Hina-Khan-Hina Khan Coaching

"Watching Hina following the steps motivated me. It almost worked as a way of permitting me to launch my course."

Play Video about Meaghan-Hastings-Hina-Khan-Khan-Method-Coaching

"The certification has allowed me to become a better leader and coach for my agents. There is so much value in the structure of the calls and practice in doing them."

Play Video about Gazal-Amin-Hina-Khan-Khan-method-coaching

"Through this program and even how you teach sales, there is no one way, you are the way. I really enjoyed learning that."

Play Video about Alanna-Banks-Hina-Khan-Khan Method Coaching

"This program opened up a lot of possibilities for me and it allowed me to experiment with a bunch of ideas. The sales portion of the program was valuable and I really benefited from it."

Play Video about Laural-Carr-Hina-Khan-Khan Method Coaching

"Every session was exactly what I needed to hear when I needed to hear. Kudos to Hina for the design and content of the program."